Welcome to the official website of the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa!

Welcome to the official website of the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa!

Welcome to the official website of the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa!

The original Nuevo Leon Restaurant that people have always loved was in Chicago. Unfortunately, a fire gutted down the restaurant and it has never been rebuilt as the Gutierrez family decided that they wanted to open a new spot called the Canton Regio.

For the love of Mexican food and the original offerings of the Nuevo Leon Restaurant, we have decided to open our very own Nuevo Leon Restaurant here in Tulsa. Now, you do not have to go far to enjoy great Mexican cuisine and dishes that provide that wonderful Mexican feeling of family, love and comfort. You only have call up your favorite Wichita garage door installer, sit back, and enjoy our offerings.

In the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa, you are guaranteed to enjoy great food from recipes that have been handed down from generations and cooked lovingly by Mexican mothers and grandmothers.

Because we aim to provide you only the best Mexican food, we are offering the following specialties:

Mexican Empanadas

Our Mexican empanadas are definitely the stuff of legends. Featuring a crunchy shell, our empanadas are made from original Mexican masa with lard and salt. Then we throw in tender beef or chicken and add in that to-die for spicy Mexican salsa. All of our empanadas are made fresh every day and cooked just when you order to maintain that freshness and crispiness that all of our patrons love.

Corn Tamales

It is not Mexican food if we don’t offer tamales right? This is why we are offering only the most flavorful and juicy tamales that has all the goodness of lard. Plus, we serve our tamales with a generous helping of salsa. This gives just the right kick that Mexican cuisine is well known for.


Mexican food will never be the same without enchiladas. Our servings of enchiladas come in different varieties. Sometimes we use dried red chiles or hatche green chiles, depending on the request of our customers. We specialize in two types of enchiladas – one that’s not baked but simply dunked in rich sauce or baked Hatche enchiladas that are simply to die for.


Tacos are our main specialty. We offer different types of tacos – beef, chicken, seafood (shrimp) and even vegetarian tacos. Our tacos come with red rice that is cooked according to a secretly guarded recipe (which involves some meat stock and pureed tomatoes) that has been handed down from generations.


Perhaps one of the most uncomplicated Mexican food that we do offer are quesadillas. We have quesadillas in beef, chicken and cheese versions. Our quesadillas are amped up with a flavorful Mexican spice rub that gives that wonderful Nuevo Leon Restaurant signature taste.


Mexican food is not the same without guacamole. All of our offerings come with the classic serving of Guacamole featuring mashed avocado mixed with red onions, cilantro and chiles. We offer just the perfect blend that is authentically Mexican.

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