Ryan F.

“I brought my girlfriend to the newly opened Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa. I did not expect to really enjoy the great food. They offer amazing Mexican comfort food and we loved everything. I ordered a lot – tacos, quesadilla, empanadas and more. And everything tasted really great. We will definitely be going back there soon, maybe this time with family so that they get to enjoy the food there as well. “

Liza K.

“I brought my kids to the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa. They were so happy with the food that they absolutely ate a lot. I never expected my toddler to eat Mexican food along with his older siblings. But I was so surprised when he just munched on and on the cheese quesadilla. He also tasted a little bit of my taco and he loved it. I will definitely bring them there again. Thanks a lot Nuevo Leon for such great offerings”.

Stella L.

“The food at Nuevo Leon Restaurant is super amazing. It truly reminded me of my childhood when my mom and grandmother would cook tons of Mexican food. I definitely recommend going there as the feel of the restaurant itself evokes a lot of good memories. I think even if you are not Mexican, you will definitely appreciate the ambiance and the warm feeling of the restaurant. It’s as if the restaurant itself is welcoming you with a hug. It’s truly wonderful.”

Rhian M.

“We just dropped by the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa to grab some lunch. I didn’t really expect to be wowed by the place and the food. Even the servers were really great. They helped us in choosing what to get for lunch and even recommended some of their wonderful specialties. When we get back to Tulsa, we are definitely going back to Nuevo Leon. “/em>

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