The Nuevo Leon Restaurant is guaranteed to offer you amazing Mexican dishes that will truly make you love and appreciate Mexican cuisine.

For our Tapas, we offer the following:

Jalapeno Fritters
Served with mouthwatering and gooey cheese with a dash of hotness courtesy of the green chillies

Stuffed Mushrooms
Our fried large button mushrooms are carefully stuffed with cheesy and gooey spinach goodness

Wrapped Shrimps
Love seafood? Try our delicious and mouthwatering baked shrimps wrapped in fried and crispy bacon.

For our specialties, we offer the following:

Mexican Empanadas
These are the stuff of legends with crunchy shells and delicious beef stuffing topped with hot salsa.

Corn Tamales
The most flavorful and juicy tamales that has all the goodness of lard with a generous helping of salsa

Our servings of enchiladas come in different varieties – one that’s not baked but simply dunked in rich sauce or baked Hatche enchiladas that are simply to die for.

Tacos are our main specialty. We offer different types of tacos – beef, chicken, seafood (shrimp) and even vegetarian tacos.

We have quesadillas in beef, chicken and cheese versions. Our quesadillas are amped up with a flavorful Mexican spice rub that gives that wonderful Nuevo Leon Restaurant signature taste.

We offer classic Guacamole featuring mashed avocado mixed with red onions, cilantro and chiles. We offer just the perfect blend that is authentically Mexican.

Mexican food will not be the same without our classic drink offerings:

Mojito Shakers
This is a combination of rum, mint and lime. Sometimes added with a dash of mango, blackberry or strawberry.

Sangria Swirl
We offer our very own mix of our frozen sangria and margarita.

We are providing margarita made from 1800 silver, agave nectar and lime.

From time to time, we also provide special menu offers. Just check back with us from time to time.

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