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Thank you so much for visiting the official website of the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa. Please note that our restaurant is entirely different from the Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Chicago which closed in 2016, after more than 50 years of operations.

The Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa is newly-opened, with the goal of providing you only the very best in Mexican cuisine. We are not like the usual tex-mex restaurant as what we offer is simply authentic Mexican food. What’s more, we offer the kind of food from recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

We have decided to open our base in Tulsa as we realized the dearth of authentic Mexican restaurants in the area. We also realized that people in Tulsa have been craving for real Mexican food and the home cooked goodness that only Mexican cuisine can deliver.

Our restaurant has been founded based on the partnership of two Mexican Americans who share the love for Mexican food and wanted to share with the rest of Americans the hearty goodness of Mexican food. Jim and Roberto are both chefs who were born and raised in the United States but with roots in the Mexican community. They have been raised by parents who have love of Mexican food and abuelas who continue to cook and serve traditional cuisine that they have learned at the knees of their very own grandparents.

And so, Jim and Roberto have embarked on this wonderful journey of sharing Mexican food with all of you, especially the people of Tulsa. We hope that you will be able to take the time to visit their restaurant in Tulsa and eat their amazing food. Jim and Roberto would also like to take this opportunity to thank all customers of Nuevo Leon Restaurant in Tulsa for making it a success.

Contact us

Thank you so much for your interest Mexican food. We truly appreciate the fact that you have stumbled upon our website and shown your interest in our offerings.

We will be happy to send you an information pack. Just request for it from info@nuevoleonrestaurant.com.

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